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Perfect Pitch and Swing

j0174941Perfect Pitch and Swing is a division of Beyond Pacific, LLC, a sports consulting firm specialized in Japanese and U.S. markets. Our Vision is to be the #1 provider of comprehensive services for athletes and industries worldwide. Our Mission is to build a dynamic international sports market where players, professional organizations, and related business entities do not have any boundaries. Our values are to be quality and customer focused while consistently providing innovative solutions for the global market.

Our technology-based approach will provide players, clubs, and businesses on both sides of the Pacific an interface that will address their needs and fulfill their demands. Our web-based services and web driven business practices coupled with the traditional business approach of networking are unique, innovative, and comprehensive.

Beyond Pacific, LLC & Perfect Pitch and Swing was established in 2004 by the owner out of his attic office and basement training area in Yonkers, NY. He envisioned that there could be a hybrid and fusion baseball between American and Japanese baseball play styles and methods. What lacking from both sides of baseball are deep understanding of each industry as well as the culture.

He has created fusion training methods of baseball by taking positive and effective training methods and thinking from both sides of the Pacific.

Perfect Pitch and Swing is a multi-sports training center featuring "Baseball" and "Golf".

We provide a wide range of services including:

  • Baseball Private and Semi-Private lessons
  • Baseball Clninc - off site
  • Batting Cage Rentals
  • Baseball Outdoor Field Rental
  • Baseball Travel teams
  • Summer Camp, Winter and Spring Recess camps
  • Baseball Events such as special instruction sessions with Pro-players
  • Birthday Parties

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